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So, how does
Karv meat delivery work?

We deliver the finest-quality U.S. meats and oven-ready entrées straight to your door, every month (did we mention our subscription options are incredibly flexible?). Here’s how.

  • Select the right sized plan for you

  • Customize with Extras and Entrées

  • Checkout

  • Enjoy your monthly delivery!

First, you pick what size box you'd like based on the number of people in your house.

Karv isn't your average box—we can put together monthly deliveries for any number of household sizes, no matter how large or small!

Next, select your add-ons: Think oven-ready entrées, extra steaks and more.

Choose from a variety of oven-ready entrées designed for busy lifestyles—with gluten/allergen-free options available.

After you check-out, it's just a short wait before your first monthly delivery arrives!

Our meats arrive flash-frozen at peak freshness and are pre-portioned, so you cook what you want, when you want it.

Build a better meal in 30 minutes or less.

Try one of our inspired recipes (ready in under a half hour) or create your own culinary masterpieces—how you use your monthly box from Karv is entirely up to you.

Easily update your meat delivery plan

Need a bigger box? Want to add more entrées to your kit? It’s as simple as logging in and changing your food delivery plan to fit your needs.


Browse our collection of inspired recipes

Karv lets you save your favorite recipes online for future meals—just like mom.

We’re here to help

Need help choosing the right plan for you and your family? The team at Karv is here to answer any questions you might have.

Break out of the box and build better meals.

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