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What makes our meats so special?

Karv’s beef, chicken and pork (as well as our signature entrées) are the best you can buy. And you can get them all here.

We're pretty proud of our meats...and for good reason.

USA Born-and-raised

No meats from overseas, here. We support U.S. farmers and businesses.

All natural ingredients

Free of hormones, antibiotics, dyes, and colorants.

Arrives fresh

Flash-frozen for superior taste and quality.

Pre-trimmed and portioned

No excess fat, conveniently portioned.

Humanely raised

Our animals live happy, healthy lives.

Healthy & delicious

You can’t fake great taste, and that’s what Karv is all about.

We care about your health. Let us show you how.

Karv is always looking for new, original and delicious ways to provide our members with the healthiest lean proteins available. Have you tried our nitrate-free bacon? We think it tastes like love at first bite.

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