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Our grass-fed beef is next-level good eats.

Who doesn’t love a juicy, sumptuous steak? When it comes to quality and flavor, you won’t find better beef deliverythan what Karv has to offer.

100% grass-finished beef and always fed outdoors.

Unlike most of the beef sold throughout America, ours is 100% grass-finished and never sees an unnatural diet containing fillers like corn or soy. It means our cows are raised on the diet they were intended to eat—not one created by greedy industry players. Learn more online about our local grass-fed keto friendly beef delivery service today!

Our premium beef is rich in essential Omega 3s and other nutrients.

Your health is your greatest wealth. With 2-3x more Omega 3s than conventional beef, Karv’s grass-finished premium beef has a superior Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio, which helps to fight against the risk of heart disease and build a healthier “you.” Vitamins E and A, CLAs, antioxidants, minerals, and nutrients like beta-carotene, zinc, iron phosphorous and potassium round out the healthiest red meats you can eat.

Nutritious, wholesome and delicious.

Black Angus cattle for the ultimate in deliciousness.

Black Angus cattle for the ultimate in deliciousness.

All Karv beef comes from Black Angus cattle—the finest the industry has to offer—that have been born and raised in low-stress environments in the U.S. We constantly also taste-test our meats to ensure against “gaminess.” It’s the kind of difference you can not only feel good about, but taste, too.

Nutritious, wholesome and delicious.

Exceptional beef for modern palates.

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