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The best organic chicken you've ever tasted.

What is it that makes our healthy chicken stand out? Lots of things, really. Organic, trimmed and portioned, humanely handled and raised and fully USDA inspected, it’s clean eating you can feel good about.

Organic, lean, premium chicken—the polar opposite of “junk food.”

Our keto-friendly chicken is certified organic, which means the animals are fed only with organic feed and are never introduced to antibiotics or hormones. In a word, it’s just better for you than conventional meat and another aspect of what sets Karv apart.

Free-range chicken raised with care.

Naturally leaner, free-range chickens are healthier and better for you. You can taste the difference, too—juicier, more tender, loaded with flavor, and 100% keto friendly.

Naturally lean.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure “bland” never gets used as a term to describe our chicken. Karv’s in-house taste-testing process ensures nothing ever reaches your door if it doesn’t represent the best in quality and flavor.

Naturally lean.

Organic, free-range chicken—delivered straight to your door.

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