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Heritage Breed

Heritage breed premium Duroc pork that's juicy and delicious.

An excellent source of protein and perfect for the center of your plate, our pork is head and shoulders above what’s typically found in “meal kit” subscriptions. It’s also unfathomably delicious.

Karv’s quality pork is truly a different breed.

We’re proud to offer a significantly better alternative to conventional pork. All of our premiumpork comes from heritage breed Duroc pigs, prized for their high-quality meat and impressive fat marbling. Duroc maintains moisture when cooked, reducing the chances of overcooking and resulting in a juicy, tantalizing cut.

Crate-free, happy pigs.

At Karv, we hold animal welfare top-of-mind when choosing to work with any farm. That’s why all of our pork comes from pigs that live in crate-free environments, reducing stress on the animals and allowing for free, natural movement throughout the day and night.

Taste the difference.

Flavor you just can’t resist—it’s the heritage breed difference.

Flavor you just can’t resist—it’s the heritage breed difference.

Duroc pork tastes just like regular pork, except better in every way—juicier, more tender and, well, more natural. We’re constantly taste-testing to bring you the best possible pork, and we’re happy to say we’ve reached a point that’s difficult to improve upon.

Taste the difference.

Karv's heritage breed Duroc— taste the difference.

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