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Make what you want, when you want it with our convenient monthly meat delivery.

Karv isn’t your typical “meal kit” subscription. Our members receive a monthly delivery of the finest pre-trimmed, pre-portioned Whole30meats available. What you cook and when is entirely up to you.

Karv’s healthy meals makes your dinner easy.

Individualized portions and healthy pre-trimmed meats make getting dinner on the table a quick and easy process. No need to thaw, separate and refreeze to plan out your meals. What’s on tonight’s menu? That’s your call—not ours.

No heavy lifting required.

Our oven-ready entrées crank “easy” up to 11.

Our oven-ready entrées crank “easy” up to 11.

Karv’s oven-ready protein rich entrées are perfect for those busy nights when you don’t want to cook a meal from scratch. Items like our Beef Pinwheel with Organic Spinach and Grass-fed Mozzarella Cheese are on the dinner table in 35 minutes or less and ready to be paired with your favorite side dishes. Our healthy meal delivery services are aimed at health and convenience.

No heavy lifting required.

Minimalist packaging for a better planet and added convenience.

Most traditional meat and meal kits are packaging nightmares, full of styrofoam, plastics and other undesirable materials. Karv meats are delivered with minimal packaging that’s recyclable and/or biodegradable.

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How you Karv is up to you.

Love to cook? Go to town with your delivery! For casual cooks, our included recipes are perfect for getting started and learning new techniques in the kitchen. Check out three of our favorite dishes below.

Chicken Parmesan Dish

Just like mom used to make…only better.