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Premium Meats
USDA Certified

What makes our meat
the "highest" quality?

It’s simple: they’re fresh, expertly-trimmed and portioned, healthy cuts from animals that were raised in a humane environment. But first and foremost, they are delicious—exactly what your local butcher would choose if they could find them.

Flavor + taste = deliciousness

Karv meats taste better.

Karv meats taste better.

All of our meatproducts are repeatedly tasted by Karv’s executive chefs to ensure the ultimate in flavor and tenderness. A little salt and pepper is all it takes to bring out the best in our meats, and there’s no need to be concerned about “off-flavors” sometimes associated with grass-finished/grass-fed beef or organic Non-GMO chicken. With Karv, everything tastes the way it should.

Flavor + taste = deliciousness

Chef tasted and developed for guaranteed deliciousness.

Great taste starts with smart sourcing.

Karv’s meats are hand-selected from the finest U.S. farms, where animals and livestock are treated with the utmost respect throughout their lives. It’s superior quality you can taste, no matter how you cut it.


Delivered to your door at peak of freshness.

Most of the meats you’ll find in your local stores are frozen in a way that allows for large ice crystals to form, affecting the texture of the product. Karv meats are flash-frozen to maintain peak freshness and flavor. They never sit on a boat waiting for delivery from another country—everything is sourced in the U.S. for maximum freshness. Karv meats are available online and delivered directly to your door without compromising the freshness of the meat.

Quality you can taste.